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 Match against ViCiOuZ

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PostSubject: Match against ViCiOuZ   Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:31 pm

Ok we played our first match with Eric as leader and he did amazing. Honestly. Problem we lost.Sad. They were 8th in the world and they were french bastards. I take full responsibility I accepted the match and I did the worst in the second match. Maps==>Blood Drive+Stasis and to tell the truth we went 5-3 thanks to Eric. They were amazingly good outsniping both Eric & Danny and we're going to do better next time and hopefully not go up against rank 8, french bastards!
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PostSubject: Re: Match against ViCiOuZ   Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:42 pm

god dammit i hate the french so very much
and well done lads , unlucky , played great against 8th in europe
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PostSubject: Re: Match against ViCiOuZ   Fri Apr 17, 2009 2:59 pm

u will c what i mean in my next topic but well done lads the gears team have more of a dertimination and winning ambition than the cod team the cod teams have the most skilled players in ireland but 2day when we played the XGL match u seen how terrible it was the team cant gel u got
Big sherdo going 0-6 not a single kill in 6 rounds shite under pressure altho is are best search player in ranked so we basically where with 3 men since he did nothing 0 points and never contributed
Mcgoldrick: hes getting used 2 the way we play good player sometimes fucks up under pressure
mattman: savage player unreal with a sniper but he doesnt listen AT ALL and hes a whiney bastard
2day we faced R4Wz in a search they went in 2-0 up so we had 2 win 3 maps in a row 2 win the match
we where expecting domo but then they decided 2 play search then the 1st round i said boys go 4 it mattman picked off 2 with the m40 despite me saying its search NO SNIPING but he killed 2 me and mcgoldrick rushed A claymored up i planted then we eliminated them with claymores
2nd round we won again with mattman again sniping 2 and me and mcgoldrick getting the other 2 kills
then i said matt nice sniping but pull out an assault rifle and put em away then it happened
matt didnt listen and he got killed me and mcgoldrick got killed shortly after
then sherdo who hasnt done ANYTHING apart from die prior 2 this sneaks around with the m16 and manages 2 spot all the enemy team who doesnt even c them u can c the pressure hit him not going with his 1st reaction and missing several shots then he completly bottles it and dies 2-1 to us
then the next round similuar things happened this time mattman (who is still using a sniper) is the last man he sees 3 of there boys and trys the stupidest thing ever SNIPE without an acog at point blank range if he had an mp5 the score wud be 3-1 2 us but he pulls out the deagle at the last second and dies 2-2 then i lost the head and we FUCKED UP and lost 4-2 if sherdo hadnt of fucked up and mattman had listened 2 me we coulda won 4-0 but the cod team has no winning ambition im going 2 get this clan WINNING and the gears team seems 2 be doing just fine!


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PostSubject: Re: Match against ViCiOuZ   

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Match against ViCiOuZ
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