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 XGL WaW Clan Invitational Tournament

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XGL Partisan

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PostSubject: XGL WaW Clan Invitational Tournament   Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:39 pm

Alright lads,

Not sure if Potleg has already sent you an invite to this so I've decided to post this up for you to take a look at.


Your Clan has been invited to join our next Clan Tournament which will be a Call of Duty: World at War Clan tournament. This event is invitation only to ensure that we have clans that can stick to the event and to compete at a good level as the invites have been issued based on your clans reputation and the frequency of your clan matches. This event is aimed for the clans to compete against other well known friendly clans and also allows the chance to meet new clans and gain new contacts for future matches. To show that you have accepted this invitation you can go ahead and post up your team for the tournament in the team signup area of the tournament located on the link below:

You would need to be a registered user on the XGL Forums to be able to make a post all the tournament information is in the same area as the team signup section. Teams must select 4 players to be the main team for the tournament, each team will have 3 sub places and these subs can join in matches if one of the regular players are unavailable, there will also be an option to change a sub if the sub is unable to play for whatever reason. Don't worry if you have not selected a team when you post in the team signup area just make a post to show your team has accepted the invite and edit the thread at a later date once you have a team selected.

Short Description

This Tournament is a 16 clan Knockout based tournament and each match will have 2 legs with both teams getting the chance to host their matches. The team listed first in the fixture will be the host of the first leg with the team second in the fixture being the host of the 2nd leg, once the two legs are completed the aggregate score from both matches will be the final overall result of the match. The clan with the highest score from the two legs will progress into the next round and the losing team will be knocked out of the tournament. There will be two legs per fixture for each round of the tournament until the final match with it being 1 leg on a neutral host that will be hosted by either a Tournament Admin or a member who the tournament admin chooses to host the match.
The players who are in the teams for this tournament must be clan members of the clan entered or players who are trialling for that clan to give them some experience in matches but we do not allow free agents brought into the clan specifically for these matches.
For more information on the tournament feel free to visit the tournament area of the forum located on the link below:

If your invitation has been accepted head on over and register on the XGL forums at

Once you are registered head to the tournament area on the forums located on the following link:

All information on the event is in the forum and also you will be required to signup your team in the team signup area.
Please read the rules & Settings area of the tournament located on this link:

The settings and any perk and weapon restrictions are in place to make the tournament more competitive.

The small description above should give you a good indication on what to expect from this event. we would like to wish all clans invited the very best of luck and we hope you gain more recognition and more clans to associate with throughout this tournament.

Good luck and hope to see you in our event.
XGL Partisan
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L2K x VanQuisH
Clan Leader & Site Admin
Clan Leader & Site Admin

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PostSubject: Re: XGL WaW Clan Invitational Tournament   Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:41 pm

Cheers for the invite mate yeah L2K will be taking part in this tournament i have confirmed our team on ur forums the team is :
L2K x VanQuiiSh
L2K x IDa IRaaM
L2K x SaVaGe
Talentz xMoDx

sub: SVI MarXman
sub: L2K x FeNiiX

this is the final team dont moan or anything but enda might not want 2 take part and hatchet may lose his place because he hasnt been proving himself lately if they do drop out it will be between:
L2K x NoXiiDe
L2K x JoKeR/ L2K x DeMoN
L2K x GoDLiiKe
L2K x iNFeRNo


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XGL Partisan

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PostSubject: Re: XGL WaW Clan Invitational Tournament   Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:22 am

Cheers mate, thanks for the quick response. Look forward to seeing ya there!
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PostSubject: Re: XGL WaW Clan Invitational Tournament   

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XGL WaW Clan Invitational Tournament
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